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Want more than the standard modified XE head can give ? We also produce a big valve bersion of the XE head. With bigger valves you get even more flow. In this case we see a improvement of 22% on inlet and 24% on exhaust flow (as opposed to 14% inlet improvement and 21% exhaust improvement on the standard valve modified head).

This head is capable of up to 287 BHP with appropriate fueling and exhaust mods. If you are serious about getting the absolute maximum from your XE engine for race or fast road, this is a seriously good cylinder head and well worth the extra cost for the big valve version. You won’t find a better performing head than this at any cost, we promise. Remember, our heads are fully balanced across the head and we have tested our BHP claims on our Dyno and found them to be accurate to within 1bhp so we are absolutely confident in our claim.

Need a full race engine ? Contact us for details. We supply fully built race engines built in-house to the highest specification.

Click on the photo’s above for a more detailed look at the quality engineering put in to this head.

Cost for this head is £995.00 + vat on an exchange basis. (£350 exchange). A ‘taping’ service is also available for this head at an additional cost of £100 which will give the final hand finish to the ports and provide a further 1% flow. Please note : Valves are supplied at extra cost on this head.

Note : flow diagrams show flow against specific valve openings at 0.050 inch valve openings at 10″ pressure. Therefore actual flow volume increase is measured as the area under the graph (indicated in yellow for inlet and blue for exhaust). Standard valve sizes are used on our heads unless specified as a big valve version. Tests shown here are carried out on a flow bench on a bare head without filters. Therefore the difference between a standard engine with standard inlet ducting and filters will be larger than shown here.

See below for the full reports as generated by our gas flow bench and Port Flow Analyzer software. Click on the images for full size image:

Call us on +44 (0)161 483 4810 or email on Generic Ambien Cost Without InsuranceCheck out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE for more information.

Custom made Camshafts

With all of our gas flowed heads we also provide a custom made camshaft service. These camshafts are designed to optimise the flow characteristics of our heads. They can also be specifically designed to deliver the power characteristcs you require for your specific application.Your existing camshaft will work with our heads, however, if you want to get the most from one of these heads or you have a particular power characteristc you are looking for, we recommend that you consider our custom camshafts.

Price £500 + vat

We are happy to discuss and advise on any aspect of modifying your engine with one of our heads to achieve the results we predict above. We can also supply the best quality gaskets, camshaft, valves, valve springs and head bolts to go with your new cylinder head. We also specialise in electronic engine management, carb and fuel injection , turbo and supercharger systems. We build race engines too. Built and tested on our own 1000bhp Engine Dyno. We can also fit your head to your engine if required and test your vehicle on our rolling road.

What ever your requirements, race, track day or fast road, we have a full range of the latest and best performance products and techniques. Our competition results year on year prove we have the expertise to make your car competitive at what ever class you chose to compete.


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