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About us – who are we ?

CNCHeads.co.uk is part of a well established firm owned and run by Richard Wood based in Stockport, Cheshire. Specialising in motorsport, competition engines and high quality vehicle repair and maintenance, we have built a well earned reputation for high quality and performance. We apply the same rigorous quality control to our gas flowed cylinder heads as we do to all aspects of our business.

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Race Engines

Competition Engines from the humble V6 Essex through to mighty 7litre 700+BHP V8 engines as used in our Holden Commodore and GM Calibra. Ford crossflow, Zetec and Duratec engines. Vauxhall XE. Rover VVC and K series. VW 1.8 16 Valve and more…
Our race engines are built in-house and tuned on our own Buy Valium 5Mg Online (see picture to the right) or our Klonopin Online.

We specialise in V8 and V6 race engines as fitted to our own race cars and raced by many of our customers. These engines compete and win races at the highest level and are durable for a full season or more.

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Standard Heads.

We supply standard heads too. It would be easy to simply fit a used cylinder head to your car. But if you want to restore the performance and economy your engine once had, it is best to fit a new or reconditioned head. The cylinder heads we supply have undergone a rigorous re-manufacture process which bring specially selected heads back to as near new condition as it is possible to do at a reasonable price. We stand by our heads too. Each head comes with a 12 month no quibble guarantee.

Vauxhall VX220

Custom Built Cylinder heads

We build our own cylinder heads too. Computer machined from alloy to our own design using a computer controlled CNC machine. Revised inlet ports, redesigned cooling circuits and larger valved. these heads have a been proven in competition to give high performance and reliability. These heads provide the next step in gaining the most from your engine where it counts most – On the track.

We combine the accuracy and engineering integrity provided by the latest computer controlled technology with our experience of designing and building cylinder heads and engines that perform at the highest level.

Electronic tuning.

We provide a full range of electronic tuning services. From chip replacement and reprogramming for road cars (We are an authorised Superchips dealer) through to custom mapping on our rolling road using UNICHIP programable ECUs. If you want your road car to perform better and/or run more economically, contact us to discuss your needs.

We also provide a full range of competition electronic tuning systems and mapping services including the DTA race engine management systems. DTA engine management systems are rugged, compact control systems designed for all racing engines. Based on a unique map storage technology they allow ready alteration of ALL engine settings while the engine is running and do not require any EPROM programming equipment or knowledge. All engines can be tuned using our rolling road or our Computer controlled Engine Dynometer facility.


Not only do we provide advanced motorsport engineeering for our customers, we race too. Ric Wood has sucessfully raced in Formula Saloons for a number of years using cars and engines built in-house. These cars include :

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Currently he is racing a superb Buy Soma From Mexicoin the Ducth Supercar Challenge. All these cars have been raced and have won regularly against against serious modern competition.

Our results and the reliability of our engines, speak volumes for the quality of our engineering and our passion for the sport.